3 Tips To Boost Sales Volume

3 Tips For Boosting Your Sales Volume

1. Increase the order!

This may not be some hidden secret that you have never heard before, but it is still one of the most effective ways to increase your sales volume. This works on small business and in major corporations just the same. Remember when you would hear the teenager at McDonalds say “Would you like to supersize that?”. In many situations increasing your order size can really be that easy.  You’ve been there… you pull up to the window, place your order and they always ask if you want more. In your business you should also present opportunities for customers and prospects to increase their order.Boost-Sales

What is interesting is that if an offer that is a good fit will instinctively get a percentage of people to say, “Yes!” After all, as with McDonald’s supersize offer, for a few cents more you were getting nearly double the amount of fries and beverage. We won’t discuss the fact of whether the purchase was a pressing exact need … but hey, I got a good deal!

When your customers have their wallet out and have committed to making the purchase, they are ripe for shelling out just a few more bucks to sweeten the deal. In fact, about 50 percent will say yes without a second thought. It’s the perfect time to offer an upgrade or an extra warranty.

2. After The Sale Offers.

Have you noticed that novel sequels seem to go like hotcakes? Once the author has caught the audiences attention with the first book, they can’t wait to get their hands on the follow up.

The same idea carries over with your customers. A customer who is happy with the product and service you provided the first time, is much more open for a second experience.

This process of making additional offers after the sale are called the backend. Backend product you offer doesn’t even have to be your own. Affiliate marketers are rolling in proceeds on ebooks that cover material associated with their products. It’s an easy and painless process to market this way… the affiliate handles all the sales, while you collect the commission.

3. Reward Referrals

Customer surveys that ask 3 basic questions:

What did you like best about the product?,

How can we improve the value of the product?, and

Who do you know that would benefit from the product?

In a nutshell, you are letting the customer know that his needs and opinions are important to you, and that you want to help someone else fulfill their needs too. You’ll gain valuable insight into customer satisfaction, provide material for valuable testimonials, and get tips on potential customers.

Upselling, backend selling and referral selling work together to increase the number of sales you net, without increasing advertising budgets. Try it… you’ll be surprised at how easy it is to increase your marketing effectiveness within your current customer audience.


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