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Tye is a dynamic and effective presenter on a broad variety of topics, relating to Sales, Motivation, Leadership, Business Development and Organizational Diversity.  Some of Tye’s most requested keynote and motivational presentations include:

What Every “STAR” salesperson Should Know 

Customer Vision In Every Decision

The Customer is the lifeblood of any and every business.  In order to help your employees satisfy the needs of your customer, they need to do a better job of working together.  By applying Tye’s blueprint for internal teamwork, your employees will learn how to do a better job pleasing the customer – and help you retain their business.

Unlock the Leader in You

There needs to be effective leadership at every level of your organization for it to flourish.  Tye can help your management team identify and begin to apply the 10 key characteristics that most successful leaders embody.

How to Beat Your Competition to a P.U.L.P.

In today’s hyper-competitive marketplace, your sales force needs to be able to differentiate your product or service from the competition.  In this dynamic presentation, Tye can help your sales professionals understand and learn the four key principles that will allow them to compete effectively and win consistently against your competition

How to be successful in Business

The 3 Keys to Success in Business

Face it – in today’s economic climate, starting up a new business and keeping it afloat is a major challenge, to say the least.  However, many organizations experience their greatest growth during tough times.  In this riveting presentation, Tye will identify 3 Keys to Success that will assure the survival of your business.

Diversity Awareness – The Value of Uniqueness in the Workplace

Most people are fearful of being different; they’re afraid they won’t “fit in” with the crowd.  But there’s strength in diversity – different backgrounds and experiences produce different perspectives and solutions to problems, and foster new ways of thinking and creative problem-solving.  In this dynamic presentation Tye explains why we should embrace and capitalize on the differences between others and ourselves, and how diversity is the single most important key to being successful in today’s global marketplace.

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