The Reality of Risk in Sales

The Reality of Risk In Sales   No risk, no reward. It's kinda simple. And we've heard several different  quotes over the years that talked about risk...there's another that I liked, "Nothing ventured, nothing gained." Here's a quote many of us have heard at some point in our lives.  Let's be frank, risk is a scary word for many of us...for most of us.  Your comfort zone is really…

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Mentoring Relationships Helps Companies Thrive

Mentoring Relationships Helps Companies Thrive Recently, I was asked to speak at a National Conference for Accountants.  The topic I was asked to speak on was the importance of the mentoring relationship in the corporate arena.  I accepted the assignment and began to gather my thoughts on the topic and do my research.  It didn’t take long for me to really understand the major importance of  being  a mentor…

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3 Tips To Boost Sales Volume

3 Tips For Boosting Your Sales Volume 1. Increase the order! This may not be some hidden secret that you have never heard before, but it is still one of the most effective ways to increase your sales volume. This works on small business and in major corporations just the same. Remember when you would hear the teenager at McDonalds say "Would you like to supersize that?". In many situations…

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How Profitable Are Your Sales Routines?

Like most people, you too are likely a creature of habit. You probably get up at the same time everyday, follow the same routine to wake up and get yourself ready for the day, drive the regular route to work, do the same things once you get to work, and take the same route home at the end of the day. Once there, you probably have dinner, watch television…

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