The Tye Maner Group provides a wide variety of individualized training seminar modules that focus on key areas and activities that are guaranteed to build your business; including selling skills, how to create and deliver killer presentations, negotiating skills, management skills and more.

Below is a complete synopsis of seminar topics and content,

Available Seminars For Sales/Staff/Management

Essential Selling Skills (2 days)

Explore the importance of each step in the sales process and the danger in ignoring any part of the process. From goal setting to closing the sale, even experienced sales persons will gain new insight.


Effective Account Marketing (2 days)
If you can’t get to the decision maker, how will you get a “yes”? We will explore how starting with the top executives can shorten the sales cycle and improve profit margins.


Keys to Effective Presentation Skills (2 days)
Focuses on providing tailored benefit centered presentations based on the client’s needs to increase sales wins and improve margins. Shows participants how to provide a “FAB”ulous presentation.


Customer Vision in Every Decision (1 day)
How well are you taking care of potential and existing clients? Equip your staff with the necessary tools to protect existing customer relationships, value potential customers and handle potentially volatile circumstances with either. Also instructs staff on how to handle conflict with teammates.


Effective Negotiating Skills (1 and 2 day sessions)
Until your people are proficient negotiators, your profit margin may not improve. This seminar will take your sales staff through negotiating styles, negotiation deal-killers and negotiating tactics used by buyers and sellers.


Revisiting the Fundamentals (2 days or 1 day review)
This course is a review of Essential Selling Skills (ESS) and Effective Account Marketing (EAM) workshops. ESS & EAM workshops should be taken prior to Revisiting the Fundamentals Workshop.


Successful Managing and Coaching (2 days)
This program will help you develop your staff by enhancing your management skills in four major areas: interpersonal management, coaching, team building, and change management. Your managers should be better able to:

  • Redirect the inefficient or inadequate efforts of others, thereby fostering a desire for improved performance without generating resentment or frustration.
  • Encourage useful contributions from others, thus making better use of the human potential in the workplace.
  • Deal with conflict with and among team members in ways that ensure that differences are resolved as productively as possible.