The cost of hiring one wrong person for a position for which they are unsuited can cost an employer thousands of dollars in terms of actual salary, benefits and lost organizational productivity.

The Tye Maner Group provides businesses and organizations with a series of tools designed to help prescreen and evaluate the potential success of new hires for sales, management and professional positions before you commit to bringing them on board.


The SalesMax System provides immediate testing, evaluation and reporting on the aptitude of candidates for sales positions within your company, via the internet. SalesMax makes a remarkably accurate overall hiring evaluation using a sliding evaluation scale based upon key factors inherent in successful salespeople. Now you can pre-identify salespeople who:

  • Have the potential to perform in the top fifty percent of a sales team
  • Have personality characteristics which impact sales success
  • Understand effective strategies in relationship selling
  • Are motivated more strongly by a company’s compensation or commission plan

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ASSESS reports are designed to help identify winners for the purposes of screening, selection and development of new recruits to your company.

ASSESS is a psychological screening system designed to help you identify candidates and incumbents at the Supervisory, Managerial and Professional Levels.

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