SalesMax System

The SalesMax System

Do your salespeople have the underlying personality to be effective in the selling situation within your business? The Salesmax assesment tool can confidently identify candidates who will perform in the top fifty percent of a sales team.

The state-of-the-art, Internet based system that produces comprehensive narrative reports is able to assist in the selection and development of professional sales people. It was designed and built around a consultative sales approach to validate and identify top performers. Because it is web-based, it is easy to use in the field and can be customized to the organization. The SalesMax System can provide immediate testing, evaluation and reporting as long as there is an internet connection.

SalesMax provides three critical types of information to help evaluate the candidate:

It measures the Sales Personality of a candidate – it will measure the relatively stable characteristics that do not change easily over time and are work-related qualities that have direct applicability to sales positions. 

Salesmax highlights the Sales Knowledge of a candidate – Evaluating a candidate’s understanding of effective behaviors and strategies at key stages of the sales cycle provide a great emphasis on consultative and relationship-oriented sales.

Salesmax Looks into the Sales Motivations of a candidate – The relative strength of eight sources of personal motivation to help to manage and motivate the candidate, if hired.

SALESMAX measures personality, motivation, and sales knowledge to give you a predictive, well-validated, and paperless testing system.

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Take A Look Inside SalesMax Reports:


The SalesMax System provides immediate testing, evaluation and reporting at any location you choose, via the Internet. SalesMax makes an overall hiring evaluation using the following scale:



Identify salespeople who:

  • Have the potential to perform in the top fifty percent of a sales team
  • Have personality characteristics which impact sales success
  • Understand effective strategies in relationship selling
  • Are motivated more closely by a company’s compensation or commission plan


  • Validated, to be predictive of sales success potential
  • Designed to complement the selection process
  • Helpful in providing purposeful interview questions
  • Insightful in highlighting strengths and weaknesses
  • Easy to customize and validate for your organization
  • Internet-ready to provide reports immediately from the web site

The Selection Report provides:

  • A Success Index – The probability of the candidate’s success in a sales role.
  • Interview and Reference Probes – Helpful guides for the interviewer to  pursue areas of potential weakness.
  • Management Suggestions – Recommendations for how to manage the candidate if you hire him.

The Development Report provides:

  • A Graphic Profile & Interpretation – How specific personality factors help or hinder effectiveness.
  • Developmental Suggestions – Recommendations on how to close developmental gaps with specific resources.
  • Developmental Action Plan Guide – Tips on building strengths and recognizing weaknesses.

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