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accessASSESS Helps You Hire and Develop Outstanding Supervisors, Managers, and Professional

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ASSESS is a psychological screening system to help you identify candidates and incumbents at the Supervisor, Manager, and Professional LevelsThis state-of-the-art expert system administers, scores, and evaluates the results of an assessment battery and writes assessment reports like a psychologist would, at a fraction of the cost.
ASSESS reports are designed to help identify winners for the purposes of screening, selection, and development

Identify candidates and employees for leadership positions in:

  • Management
  • Accounting
  • Administrative
  • Computer Programming
  • Marketing
  • Professional
  • Additional Professional Level Positions

Use ASSESS reports for key hiring and development decisions:

  • Selection: An additional voice in the selection process
  • Placement: Place an individual in the “best fit” position
  • Promotion: Provide objective candidate information
  • Development: Identify specific individual growth needs
  • Career Management: Aids in career growth or job search


  • Validated by organizational psychologists
  • Easy to customize and validate for your organization
  • An inexpensive and automated assessment system
  • Internet ready; access tests and reports online

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